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Brainstorming Epilepsy Festival is officially registered with international charity Foundation "ECA"

Updated: Mar 30, 2019

Our foundation is now officially registered and supported by International Charity affiliate group (ECA) - so many Charity groups across all categories already exist and are helping the causes all over the world every second. ECA offers free promotional services to assist charities, corporations and other groups gain greater publicity for their causes.

We now have greater international reach and access.

We are now fully registered and supported with this international organisation - giving us access to greater online service to offer the public and assist our effort to campaign for Awareness, Education and Equality for issues facing the Epilepsy Community.

Quote from Paul Lang: ECA CEO & Founder

"Meeting Stacii Floyd was a privilege and it has been a pleasure to work with him. I consider him not just a leader in his field - but also a friend. His amazing charismatic and emphatic approach of making real personal stories - on video using his own personal face - is both inspiring and shows great insight into how to connect with today's public. I hope that by supporting Brainstorming Epilepsy Festival via the ECA foundation and getting to meet this amazing bloke... that we can create a bigger impact on the issues surrounding Epilepsy together."

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