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Contact us    at Brainstorming Epilepsy Festival  

You can contact us using the above social media links, the automated email messaging system located at the below, or via our standard email. We encourage any and all feedback plus we greatly appreciate the public taking the time to engage with us.

If you are an organisation (charity, medical or other) currently working on an Epilepsy based campaign and think Brainstorming Epilepsy Festival may be valuable collaborator OR if you would like to collaborate on one of our "Brainstorming Epilepsy Festival" public campaigns... we welcome all enquiries and would love to discuss joint efforts to help spread Epilepsy Awareness.


Most importantly, if you or someone you love needs support with Epilepsy - we are here to help. You can contact us:


- via email at "info@epilepsyfestival.org"

- via Facebook at "https://www.facebook.com/brainstormingepilepsyfestival/"

- Other social media at (please use above linked cons)

- via the below messaging service.

All enquiries will be swiftly responded to no matter which platform is used for contact.

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You can make a donation to the Brainstorming Epilepsy Festival foundation via our 100% secure platform via PayPal. Simply click on the provided "donate" button located to the right and it will send you to the link connected to our private and secure donation account. All major credit cards are excepted - including VISA, AMEX and VISA gift cards.

We think it is important to note: we DO NOT receive your credit card / banking details - as we use a world recognised, 100% secure payment platform your personal financial details are kept 100% private - even from us.

All donations are GREATLY appreciated - from the largest to the smallest. For the price of a sandwich or a cup of coffee you can help us change lives for people with Epilepsy & make this Festival happen!


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