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You can find all of our online content here!
As our foundation works across multiple platforms on social media, plus work in the community and internationally on collaborative campaigns and events... we provide a "Central Location" where you can find ALL OF OUR FOUNDATIONS WORK in the one place - our "Awareness page".

Although we provide links (see headers / footers with related links on all website pages) to all of our social media platforms, plus post all of our activities regularly... in today's online world of "polluted searches" where even if you have the main link, the name of the event and more... you STILL sometimes cant find the thing you are looking for?

We thought it was essential anyone wanting to find out about the Brainstorming Epilepsy Festival Foundation, "Brainstorming Epilepsy Festival" campaigns, our our collaborative / joint efforts with international charities etc... be able to come to a central location and find our work. This page lists all of our work - Community, Awareness, National, International and otherwise - and you can find it all here. PLUS we make it easy to watch, like, share and comment on! We appreciate all feedback, shares, likes, and comments.

*this is a blog system. simply click on the related item, it will open under a new URL address and you can post comments and/or share the content across numerous social media platforms.

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